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I'm so jealous...I love travelling but unfortunately I don't get to do it as much as I'd like. That must have been awesome travelling Europe, I've ALWAYS wanted to backpack across there. I went to Greece almost 4 years ago, me and my best friend were in grade 11 and the school was offering it as a "learning" opportunity, we saved up for almost a whole year so we could go. It was a blast. Only four students from our school went so we only had one teacher supervising us, lets just say we got into as much trouble as we could:) I've always wanted to go to Germany,especially after reading Night by Elie Wiesel about the Holocaust ( i LOVE history). Anyway you should DEFINITELY post any pictures you have so I can wallow in JEALOUSY over them...LoL!!!! Ohhhh my download is 80% done it's soooo close *smiling evilly* please tell me your DVD hasn't arrived cause I sooo want to win:) The last picture is of a little town we stopped at on our cruise, it was BEAUTIFUL so I would definitely recommend a cruise for you and Dane, and I image Italy would be GORGEOUS too!!!!


This is for Sophie :)

I was on my computer and I found some pictures I took of the snow and I thought I would post them to help cool you off...LoL....it's still raining here...ughhhh....actually I went out and swam in the ran and it wasn't too bad, the water was warm:) Has your Criminal Minds DVD came yet??? My download of Huff is sooo close, well 60% which is close enough for me:) Well here are the pictures.



Alrighty so it's another amazingly sunny, gorgeous, warm day here in Brockville....Oh no wait that's WRONG because Mother Nature hates me and I don't know why!!!! I took some pictures of the weather and you guys are gonna be so JEALOUS!!!! Now when you guys look at them I know it's gonna look like snow, but it's not.....it's HAIL and lots and lots of frickin' RAIN!!!! Really, come on it's almost July, what the hell is up...I WANT SUMMER:( I'm so in a bad mood because of the weather, I miss the sun.



So I promised my sister I would be her exercise buddy....PLEASE SOMEBODY SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!!!!! My body is NOT responding well to all the strength training, cardio, and crunches. I have a really BAD feeling that I will NOT be able to walk at work tomorrow and forget bending altogether. I honestly do not know what I was thinking when I agreed to this. And my sister has perfected the art of making you feel bad about yourself and guilty all at the same time, so there is NO way out of this....well unless I die.
Ok so on a totally separate note, I finished season 1 of HUFF and am thoroughly addicted. I started to download the 2nd season yesterday but it's only like 20% done....I have a feeling I won't be watching season 2 until sometime late next week:(

Speaking of work and dying (of boredom this time)....for the last 3 days I have been matching up shoes. That's right I have been sorting through like 200 boxes of different shoes and trying to match them up. Try not to be JEALOUS ;)
Alright so that's about it, my fingers are crossed that I'll be able to move my legs in the morning because REALLY nobody can sort shoes better than me:)



Deanna got rid of Graham. I honestly CANNOT believe it. I think I'm in shock. It's clearly my reality TV show curse hard at work. I'm WAY too invested in this show (well in Graham). I swear after their date at the basketball court I for sure thought he was going to the finale...BUT no he's too emotionally closed off. Come on Deanna, take a good look at what you have left now...umm there's the freaky freckled face guy who only ever talks about his dead mother (can you say someone who could easily murder you in your sleep), Jesse who I like but there is absolutely NO CHEMISTRY....and then there is the single father, who my only problem with is that he is NOT GRAHAM!!!!! Her and GRAHAM were just SOOOO HOT together...(I know, I know I'm MORE invested in their relationship then they are....I can't help it). I SWEAR to GOD if Deanna does NOT dump all the guys left and bring back GRAHAM as a surprise twist season finale I am GONNA BE SO TOTALLY PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I'm off to bed now, it's clearly been an EMOTIONALLY STRESSFUL night for me....and the cast of The Bachelorette. But seriously DEANNA BRING BACK GRAHAM OR ELSE.............

(Yeah I really need to give up reality TV, I KNOW......I'm workin' on it)


YAY....My Huff DVD set arrived in the mail 3 days ago...AMAZING!!! I'm so TOTALLY addicted, not only because of PAGET BREWSTER but Oh My God BLYTHE DANNER is frickin Fantabulous. The humour on the show is just so...PERFECT. I can't believe it took me so long to find out about it. THANKS SOFIA_LINDSAY....I so owe you one:) I only have 4 episodes left *tear*...Is season 2 out yet???? Well I'm off to watch another episode so talk to ya later. BYE



Ok so it's Tuesday morning and I've come down off my Bachelorette high. Yes I admit it, I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to the Bachelorette and am TOTALLY routing for GRAHAM!!! I LOVE HIM. I swear to God I am so tempted to make an audition tape to go on that show just so I can make the guys CRY!!!  Well I don't know....is that too mean of me??? If you're not watching it I would so recommend that you do...just don't tell anybody that you are....cause they will laugh at you:) So yeah I love GRAHAM he's the basketball player and DeAnna so WANTS him!!! But this inevitably happens EVERY, and I mean EVERY time I pick a favorite on a reality show. They make it so close to the end and then get the BOOT:( It PISSES me off to no end. Does anybody else suffer from this disease??? You'd think it would deter me from watching reality shows....but sadly it hasn't, and I end up suffering show after show. I guess I'm a sucker for punishment ;) I guess I've rambled enough about the Bachelorette...until next week:)

Jordan McDeere

So my DVD set of Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip came in the mail two days ago. I totally forgot how much I LOVE this show. I think I am actually in love with Jordan McDeere. She's played by Amanda Peet, who I also love:) I'm in a VERY loving mood tonight. Anyway as I am filled with a lot of love I am also filled with a lot of sadness. There is only 1 season. WTF!!! I'm not gonna lie I knew this when I bought the DVD, but I thought enough time had passed that I could watch it without being upset, but boy was I WRONG!!!! That wound is still tender. I am clearly still in mourning. Well the emotions overtook me and I just had to let them out and LJ just happened to be already open on my computer so....I'm gonna end this with I love Jordan, I love Studio 60, and on a totally separate note I am extremely excited for my season 1 of Huff to arrive....yes I know I sooo have a DVD set addiction. But that's a whole nother issue, honestly I have too many DVD sets to count. Ok I'm gonna say bye now.BYE.


 It's raining and I'm stuck inside. I've been so super bored that I decided to cleanhouse. But after finishing my bedroom I decided that was enough:) I did come across some pictures of me and my little sister, Katie. So I've posted them on LJ. But I have no idea if I did it right so you may or may not be able to see them. My computer savvyness never ceases to amaze me ;) Anyway if I did it right they will be in a scrapbook called BFS. If not I feel really bad about leading you on with promises of pictures!!! I think my mind is actually glazing over from BOREDOM!!!! Is that possible????